Meet The Team

Ashley Hannam

ashleyThe Hannam family has been in the motor industry for over 50 years with Ashley taking over running the family business circa 1990. Having always specialised in luxury and select prestige marques, the wealth of knowledge and expertise is consistent throughout the Merv Hannam team which Ashley proudly spear heads. Ashley is married to Colette with two children, Alicia and Chloe.

“At Merv Hannam we offer an excellent alternative to the main dealer for the customer. The family atmosphere and attention to detail are just two key elements of the unrivalled customer service we consistently deliver, as evidenced by the level of our repeat business”. Ashley Hannam




Nick Maynard

nickHaving been in the business since 1996, he is as much as part of the furniture as Ash. He has a professional and unhurried approach to sales which is a merit to him and welcome in the industry. Nick has a great knowledge of the products we sell and is often quoted by the customer as the reason why they chose to buy from us. He had dreams of being a footballer but as he was rubbish at this so sought a career elsewhere and found his calling at Merv Hannam. Nick is married to Jemma with two children, Alfie and Sophie.




Alex Bannister

alexAlex signed to the team in 2012, and comes with excellent pedigree. With over 10 years experience at Wood BMW main dealer, he fits right into the team and already feels like he has been here longer than the reality. Alex has a wealth of awareness for car specification and as such helps to handpick the cars for retail. He is married to Jo with two children, Liam and Caitlin. Like Nick he had dreams of being a sportsman but on the Rugby playing field. However due to injury and that everyone else was much bigger than he was has seen his dreams remain just that. Twickenhams loss is our gain though.




Mark “the robot” Williams

markMark otherwise known as Marko or the Robot. He is in charge of car preparation and surprises us all time after time for what he can achieve and restore. His consistency and attention to detail is a marvel to witness. He has a wonderful warming personality and is a the rock foundation with which the garage resides. Mark has recently married and only weakness is spicy food which acts like Kryptonite did to Superman. The only time you will see him sitting down is when forced to refuel with something for lunch.

His favourite place to be is in the boot of a car armed with a toothbrush and a cleaning cloth and allegedly enjoys a pint of diesel of a weekend.



Kim Spicer

kimKim brings with her an air of calm and professionalism much needed to the office. Being charged with being Ashley’s personal assistant, office secretary and sales administrator she has her work cut out! But never fails to keep on top of her workload. She used to work with under privileged and troublesome teenagers which have put her in good stead for coping with the Merv Hannam chaps..





Douglas Boyle

dougDoug has been working for Merv and now Ashley since 1987. He helps mop the cars off each morning, drinks cups of tea and talks…a lot. An interesting fact is that the Chimpanzee shares 99.6% DNA with that of a human. They obviously didn’t include Doug in that research.